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Have you ever wondered about predicting the future? I’m sure most of us have at one time. A classic movie (also one of my all-time favorite), “Back to the Future Part II,” shared an entertaining story of time travel and how a book with stats literally shaped the future. If you recall, Biff Tannen was the timeless bully in the movie. He (future-self) makes a daring visit to the 1950s in a time machine (via borrowed DoLorean) and gifts a sports almanac to his clueless (younger) self. Consequently, the almanac changes Biff’s fortune and the future of Hill Valley.

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As many may have already seen or heard, Hurricane Harvey made landfall on Texas this past weekend. Our hearts go out to all the families and communities impacted by this awful path of destruction. The powerful storm has caused wide spread damage and biblical proportion flooding throughout southeast Texas practically shutting down cities and towns. In the light of the devastation, this unfortunate event has rekindled concerns amongst the business communities about its ability to recover from disasters.

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Pop! An unnerving sound and a distinct whiff of metallic odor filled the room. I knew it was bad news even before assessing the situation. As I have feared, one of the server was toast. It was a good run for 6 years, but continuous internal upgrades and modifications have taken a toll. It could no longer keep up with the demands. Just like that, the server was laid to rest.

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In today’s fast paced and well-informed world, customers are looking for immediate gratification. If your business can’t deliver top class customer service in timely manner, you are risking losing a customer and possibly the longevity of the business. From a business perspective, this can be a challenge for small and large companies alike. With social media and news traveling faster than any word of mouth can keep up with, companies can suffer critically with just one bad incident.

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Do you know your CATs? You may be curious if this is an article about our feline friends. Unfortunately, I am referring to a rather humdrum topic of network cables but an essential part of the IT world. It is easy to forget that the backbone and the heart of most data communication still relies on network cables even nowadays with wireless devices. Old-fashion yet reliable network cables still carry the heavy burden of connecting devices across most businesses.

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Lost among the clouds? You're not alone. In the industry, many have heard of ‘the cloud’ terminology in one form or another. Shockingly, from my personal encounters, numerous IT professionals could not explain it thoroughly. Only a handful were able to explain lucidly. Even then, they were not confident on how to apply the cloud terminology properly.

Hee-haw (gun smoke flaring and horses galloping)! The flamboyance of the traditional celebratory shouts of outlaws play in my    head as they hold up a bank and make their getaway into the sunset leaving nothing but dust trail. This is how many of us remember old western movies and television shows portraying the typical bank robberies of the wild west. 

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