Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is the modern infrastructure model that enables convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, applications). These resources can be quickly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. Cloud technology is a powerful combination of computing, networking, storage, management solutions, and business applications. As a single source for IT solutions and services, MicroPac is highly qualified to provide for the natural integration of enabling technologies that occurs when organizations implement a cloud platform.

MicroPac solutions specialists can evaluate your existing IT infrastructure, show you how to leverage current resources, and make recommendations based on your organization's goals and strategies. MicroPac also ensures your cloud solution services are available on demand and are delivered cost effectively without compromising security or functionality. The evolution of IT service delivery into a shared, on-demand, self-serve cloud environment requires a thorough review of an agency's IT strategy in light of its mission needs, as well as a detailed examination of what's fundamentally required to simplify and optimize the IT environment. The MicroPac Cloud Computing Maturity Model provides a practical roadmap to address these elements for successful transition of your IT infrastructure to private and public cloud environments.


MicroPac provides industry-leading cloud messaging solutions at affordable rates and you'll receive our renowned consulting and implementation
services. With cloud-based email and messaging solutions from MicroPac, you benefit from security and reliability along with interoperability with other web-based systems.

Data Protection

MicroPac helps you combine security resources to operate your updated IT infrastructure with more efficiency and reliability. We are experts in data protection solutions, and partner with the biggest names in security.


Cloud infrastructure solutions from MicroPac provide smart options for organizations to manage their critical IT infrastructure needs with minimal hardware investment or IT management. Our solutions range from enterprise applications to online hosting and data backup/storage and more.

IT Tools

From development tools and custom applications to PC and mobile device management solutions, IT tools for the cloud include a wide array of capabilities. These MicroPac offerings enable you to build, develop and/or manage your IT in the cloud.

The MicroPac cloud solutions team is adept at helping you understand the key characteristics and benefits of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions and the variety of service, delivery, and procurement models that are available.





Cloud collaboration solutions from MicroPac – web conferencing, creative tools and services, online file sharing, and hosted CRM – can provide your business or organization with the best in tools and software for team collaboration.