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IT Services


MicroPac offers a talented team of dedicated IT and Design professionals to meet your IT service needs. Our simple goal is to assist businesses with IT challenges including but not limited to Data Servers, Networking, Software, Design, Web, Apps, Marketing and IT Staffing/Support using honest and cost-effective principles from start to end.

Our commitment to provide not just IT service, but rather a true customer-centric service using cost-effective approach while maintaining highest level of IT services in the industry. With Certified and Experienced staff, we are able to address broad IT scope without loss of service quality. Reach Us today to learn how MicroPac can help.


Our IT Services Include:

      IT HelpDesk / Support


      Microsoft System Center Services


       Microsoft Sharepoint Administration/Deployment


       Datawarehouse development (SQL, Windows, and Linux)


       SSAS, Database Backup, Storage Service



Smart IT Services

 Budget Based IT Project Services

 Custom Tailored services and administration

 Fully Certified IT Support Team (MCSE, EMC2, CISCO, JOOMLA, SQL)

 One to One Project management augmentations

 Readily available remote support

 Smart Training and Software deployment





Service Desk Solutions


Out-sourced Service Desk Solutions provide comprehensive support for desktops and laptops, servers, printers, and network components. Ideal for organizations that want to improve productivity and eliminate nonessential labor costs or augment their core internal support team.


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