You need context to prevent API attacks

Detecting low-and-slow attack activity that targets an API’s unique vulnerabilities depends on having context. Building that context requires deep analysis of massive amounts of API traffic. This kind of advanced protection must have a rich baseline of normal behavior for every API and user so that the system can spot anomalies quickly and correlate activity over time to build a fingerprint for each bad actor.
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The Features.


Salt protects the APIs at the core of every modern application with security across the full API lifecycle.


We scan and test your REST, GraphQL, and other APIs while they're still in development.


We store hundreds of attributes about thousands of APIs and thousands of users over time.


We baseline your environment and use AI and ML to pinpoint anomalies.

Context-based security for all your APIs

Only Salt delivers the context you need to protect your APIs across build, deploy, and runtime phases. We combine complete coverage and an ML/AI-driven big data engine to provide that context to show you all your APIs, stop attackers during the early stages of an attempted attack, and share insights to improve API security posture.
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